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Complete Core Pilates is the place to go in Kelowna for an exceptional Pilates experience.  Prior to regularly doing Pilates I had regular injuries and back pain. I found that now I can do the sports I want to have the core strength to pull it off consistently. My flexibility has increased significantly.  I'm always amazed at how Kyla is so intuitive as to the proper posture and consistently customizes the session to work on what I need that particular week.  If you have an opportunity to add this experience to your week I highly recommend you do so.

Peter B

I moved to Kelowna three years ago from Ontario.  I had been doing Pilates there for about 5 years, and one of my first searches in Kelowna was for a Pilates studio.  I walked into Complete Core one day and met Kyla, the owner and the rest is history.    In the last year, I have had several bone surgeries, and Kyla, with her knowledge of the body, in all its mechanics and marvels, has been key to my returning to full function. I feel stronger, more fit and find movement in all my joints easier and more fluid.   I treasure my classes with Kyla and look forward to continuing with her for a long time.  If you are curious about Pilates, or want to give a different studio a try, I would highly recommend Kyla and Complete Core Pilates.

Annie H

Well this is a easy testimonial for me. I’m a retired Pro Hockey player. My wife has been a client of Kyla’s for a long time. I would always hear about Pilates but was reluctant to go not thinking I would get out of it what I wanted. One Christmas not long ago, my wife gave me a Christmas Gift Certificate, the rest is history. I really enjoy attending. Kyla has been wonderful and I’ve had the opportunity to train with many coaches in the past. Her knowing about the body and what each individual needs for her or him is astonishing. Very committed and caring would highly recommend Complete Core Pilates. I always tell my friends that if I owned a professional sports team Kyla would be coaching professional athletes for me.

Greg E

I started working with Kyla a few years ago after a recommendation from  my massage therapist. Having back issues for many years and trying different methods of therapy ( which were helpful), I felt I needed to try something else to be able to continue to do the sports that I enjoy doing. I can’t say enough about the coaching and support I receive from Kyla, her knowledge is outstanding. She cares sooo much about each client and personalizes the training based on their needs. 

My back issues have improved immensely since working with her and I gained more strength and balance overall. I recommend Kyla ( Complete Core Pilates ) to anyone who wants to try Pilates and all my friends know about her already.  Thank you Kyla

Beate E

Three years ago I could barely walk. My back had been ‘out’ for months and nothing I did was making it better. As part of my recovery, I started doing private sessions with Kyla at Complete Core Pilates. We started with breathing and went on to movement. There was homework. But most importantly there was real improvement even after a few sessions. I have continued being a regular client at Complete Core Pilates for over three years, now doing group classes every week. It helps keep me healthy and strong. I recommend Complete Core Pilates classes to anyone who wants to feel better in their body and have fun doing it, too!

Alexis M

I have been doing Pilates since 2011, in three different states and now at Complete Core Pilates! I am 80 y.o., had a significant stroke in 2014 and after a lot of PT was able to return to Pilates.  Working with Kyla for the past 3 years provides me with constant growth and wellness. Our privates sessions are specific to my needs.  I don’t know how she does it, but she knows my body, my limitations, and guides me to “get better” and better.

Karen D

I’ve been working and sweating and deep breathing and laughing in classes with Kyla for 8 ½ years.  I’d had some exposure to Pilates prior to that time and knew it was beneficial for a decades old back injury.  My initial draw to the studio was its closeness to home. But during an introductory private session with Kyla I realized I had struck gold.   It was clear that Complete Core Pilates was a quality studio taught by a very knowledgeable and attentive instructor.  I will continue as a client of Kyla’s because she continually upgrades and updates her knowledge of healing and health beyond the Pilates world providing her clients a well-rounded approach.   She also keeps an observant eye on each person in class to ensure no one is performing a movement that may be harmful to their particular situation.  I am impressed by the way Kyla can accommodate so many levels of ability in one class, from those tentatively recovering from an injury to those training for a gruelling sports challenge.     There are gems of teaching moments throughout class from Kyla and they have expanded my understanding of how parts of the body function in tandem with each other.


Without hesitation, and with enthusiasm I would highly recommend Kyla.  I would especially encourage anyone working in a job that is sedentary or with restrictive movement,  or people who are older to spend some time with Pilates to see how much better they can feel.


Over the past 20 years I visited several Pilates studios in Kelowna and finally found a perfect fit with Kyla and Complete Core Pilates. She and her team of professionals take Pilates to a new level! Literally we start with our brains and work the entire body from our eyes to our toes. Kyla’s philosophy is to work with the entire body so we receive an exceptional mental and physical workout.

 Our classes are challenging, never the same, very well planned and executed. One of the things I like and absolutely benefit from is how Kyla individualizes the exercises to our body challenges and needs. This is never a one-size fits all class which is important to me as I do have some health and ability issues. 

She offers a bright, safe and healthy and environment with easy access and lots of free parking. 

My husband was so impressed with my increased health and wellness that he is also taking classes twice a week. It is definitely time and money well spent.

Dr. Ron S & Lane S

I have a rare vascular anomaly that interferes with my lumbar spine and right leg as it branches around and through my sciatic nerve, femoral nerve and connective tissue.  I have been to Mayo clinic and top specialists around the world and after many unnecessary surgeries and attempted resections the anomaly continues to grow.  This has caused a great loss of strength, chronic pain, atrophy and imbalance through my body, brain connection.   I have been attending Kyla’s class for over 3 years now, working on neuromuscular techniques and very specific pilates exercises to try and create new pathways for my body and brain to connect with, for improved health all around.  Kyla’s vast array of knowledge, experience and insight into the mystery of the human body’s intelligence has equipped me in a life changing way.  I have gained much strength, mobility, balance, and pain relief through her disciplined practices of body science.  The methods are easy to remember, non-threatening and instantly effective.  Kyla’s compassion, intuition and gift of kinesthetic teaching has empowered and changed my life significantly.  My body is forgetting it’s old patterns; it is releasing years of trauma and it is re-wiring into a power source of movement and vitality!  I feel like a walking miracle many days.

Wendy D

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