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Women Stretching
  • What is Pilates?
    It is a series of controlled movements engaging body and mind, preformed on specifically designed apparatus and supervised by extensively trained teachers. Pilates is both a physical and mental conditioning exercise program. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. Over the years, keeping true to its creator but adding the knowledge and research that science has brought to Pilates over the years. Many therapists are now incorporating the Pilates approach into clients programs. It incorporates the flexibility aspects of Yoga along with spine articulation with elements of resistance training. It is a unique combination of exercise that targets a wide range of muscles at the same time. Its main goal being to awaken body awareness from inside out and strengthen the body’s core muscles. The body is then able to learn effective and balanced movement patterns in turn improving postural alignment, longevity and physical strength.
  • Who is Pilates for?
    Anyone!! Pilates can be modified to offer challenges to a wide range of people. From top athletes, to the elderly, to post or pre-natal women, all the way to people who are at various stages of rehabilitation. Pilates is helpful for back injuries, postural stresses, overuse syndrome, sports injuries, neck and shoulder dysfunction, lower limb problems and it is also great for cross-training. With thousands of possible exercises and modifications, Pilates workouts can be tailored to individual needs. Pilates is a way to keep moving for a lifetime.
  • Do I need a private session or can I just join group classes?
    A private session is highly recommended since there is a definite learning process to Pilates. Pilates is more than exercise, it is a way of life. The one on one time gives the trainer opportunity to do a Postural Analysis and teach the 6 basic Pilates principles. This in turn gives the client time to learn and incorporate those principals and correct posture into the movements as well as into daily life. With understanding come results. Like any form of exercise the more you put into it, the more benefit you get out of it.
  • Can I join with a friend?
    We like to match people in groups based on fitness levels and their needs assessment. So everybody in the class is getting what they need out of Pilates. Sometimes joining with friends works and other times we may recommend different classes. Here at Complete Core Pilates, we know ahead of time, who is in the class, so class programs are written up according to the clients and we modify as need be.
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