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Kyla Ramirez

Kyla Ramirez is a certified Pilates practitioner through Polestar Pilates and certified in Neurokinetic Therapy™.  She also obtained a Bachelor of Science in Edmonton, Alberta.  Her love of Science is what took her into the world of Pilates.   Kyla has been teaching Pilates for 17 years.  Her career started out in New Zealand, then took her to Whitehorse,Yukon and is now a part of the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Throughout her career she has worked alongside many Physiotherapists.  This has enhanced her knowledge and interest in the human body and how it moves. Which took her into some study through the Z-health Performance education system. Brain-based movement is what she is passionate about, which is a great inclusion into the Pilates practise. It adds that little bit extra to each Pilates session!


Favourite Quotes:  "Hear the sound of the breakers on the shore, the sigh of the wind in the treetops, then go back to speak to the world from your heart" unknown
“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better or happier. “ Mother Theresea

Favourite Activities: skiing, running, hiking, reading, kettlebells and of course PILATES!  Give me a mountain and I will be smiling!!

Darlene O’Neill 

Pilates Process Certified Mat and Reformer, Level 1 Cadillac/ Yoga Alliance E-RYT200 / Chair Yoga / CFES Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor / TRX

Learning to move well in the studio improves every activity outside the studio.......

As a lifetime enthusiast of fitness, Darlene was first introduced to yoga classes while attending UBC for her BSc. Geology. While a circuitous route was taken to becoming a Pilates instructor, the years were filled with a MSc in Horticulture (a change from hiking looking at rocks to hiking looking at plants!), adding two girls and many a dog to the family, as well as becoming a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.


After becoming familiar with the amazing benefits of Pilates when strengthening her core following two pregnancies, Darlene’s love of learning alongside her passion for movement inspired her to become a Pilates Process instructor. Darlene is so grateful to be able to teach at such a welcoming studio where she is able to help others explore movement to achieve balance, strength and ease in their body and mind.

When not in the studio or teaching yoga, Darlene can be found in the garden, on her bike or skis, in the hills with her border collie or with her bees.

Darlene O’Neill
Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor
Yoga Alliance E-RYT200

Jessica Deglau


Jessica is excited to have recently moved to Kelowna and is eager to explore all the activities that the Okanagan has to offer.  She enjoys staying active with running, cycling, yoga, skiing, and going to the gym.

Jessica is available for private clinical pilates sessions and physiotherapy sessions on Monday afternoons, Tuesday mornings and some Saturdays.

Jessica Deglau Jessica has been working as a physiotherapist and clinical pilates instructor in Vancouver since graduating from the UBC Masters of Physical Therapy Program in 2011.  She has completed her Level 3 Manual Therapy Certificates and has taken mat work and reformer courses in the rehabilitation stream of STOTT Pilates (RMR1, RMR2).

Jessica was a member of the Canadian National Swim Team (1995-2003) and began taking Pilates classes while completing her undergraduate degree in 2004/05.  She found Pilates to be extremely beneficial for correcting her existing muscle imbalances and improving her posture.  Currently as a physiotherapist, Jessica enjoys integrating Pilates into her practice in order to help clients optimize their movement patterns, overcome their injuries, and obtain their personal goals.


Jen Trusz

Jen Trusz  My sense of adventure took me from a small northern Ontario town to the lower mainland to study human Kinetics. Until university, I spend my time figure skating and playing hockey. Learning about how the human body worked interested me and I never want to stop learning. After university I was given an awesome opportunity to teach figure skating, rec programs and was also able to further my education. As I started my family, I learned pretty quickly that over time, injuries and babies that my body no longer worked the way I had wanted it to. Physically, I was unable to play hockey anymore and realized pretty quickly that I needed to give my body some rest and allow it to heal which led me to my yoga journey. With three kids at home under 2 (we had a foster daughter for a year) the quiet was something I needed and the gentle movements were something my body craved.


In 2011, while pregnant with my third child, my family moved to Edmonton. I took time to settle in and raise my babies. I continued practicing yoga in a studio that I loved and took my Yoga instructor training before relocating to Kelowna.

I have been humbled in learning that if we can learn to listen to our body when it whispers, we don't have to listen to it scream. My body has taught me that self-care is so important… and that I cannot serve from an empty vessel. Now that my babies are all no longer babies, I have spent some time slowly getting back into working outside of my home. Coming to Kelowna I never found a studio that felt like home until I started classes at Complete Core Pilates.  I loved the way my body felt after the movement I got to experience. Pilates makes sense to me. As I spent more and more time taking classes and getting to know Kyla, Pilates training made sense for me so I trained in Vernon with Pilates Process.  I love learning, and teaching Pilates doesn't feel like work. I get to show up for work and learn just as much as I teach, and that’s pretty amazing. I’m excited to help people learn to listen to their bodies, give them a work out and have a little fun along the way.

Favourite Quote: "If something is meant for you- it will not pass you by"

Favourite Activities: Hiking, paddle boarding and exploring the Okanagan.

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