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Drop in Pilates: $24

5 Class Pass: $114

10 Class pass:  $216

Private Pilates session: $84

5 Privates sessions: $399

10 Privates sessions: $756

Physiotherapy (45min): $70

Physiotherapy (60min): $100

Clinical Pilates (with Physiotherapist): $100

Semi-Private: $42/per person

Pilates Memberships: For Pilates Combo classes (use of all Pilates equipment) a Private session is required, which includes a Postural assessment and NKT™ movement screen.  See Table below:

Prices DO NOT include GST  (and no GST for  Physiotherapy)


Payment Options:

Visa, M/C, Debit, Paypal, Chq, or Ca.


The only way that this interactive calendar will be beneficial to all of you is if you are altruistic. It may be easy to dismiss cancelling a class because you have already paid for it, but if you DO NOT cancel yourself out, then that spot is not available for somebody else. Which may apply to you later on the line when you are looking for an open spot to book yourself in. So PLEASE be diligent about knowing your class times and your schedule and work around it accordingly.

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