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complete Core PIlates

Complete Core Pilates is a boutique studio passionate about wellness. The studio offers Pilates classes for individuals to have wellness, strength and self-empowerment in their daily lives. We customize classes for clients in private sessions or group classes. The studio is fully equipped with all the Pilates equipment, such as the Reformers, Springboards, Trapeze table, Barrel and my personal favourite, the Chair!   Check out our calendar to see what classes are offered or get the App below.


February Five

Thursday's 6:30pm


We are offering an introduction to Pilates on equipment for five weeks, every thirsaday of February! The class is designed for a maximum of 8 students.  You get variety and movement between using the Springboards, Reformers, Chairs and body weight exercises on the Mat.


This is a group class for beginners, with up to 8 students only.  This class will introduce all the equipment along with the Pilates concepts, so you can gain confidence in how your body moves along with feeling more comfortable when heading into other classes.  The Pilates Equipment uses resistance springs for all the exercises.  It can be assistive or resistive!  Purchase through the link below.


Be sure to check us out on insta and FB, links at the bottom of the page. Email us at or text/call 250-863-8108.


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