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complete Core PIlates

Complete Core Pilates is a boutique studio passionate about wellness. The studio offers Pilates classes for individuals to have wellness, strength and self-empowerment in their daily lives. We customize classes for clients in private sessions or group classes. The studio is fully equipped with all the Pilates equipment, such as the Reformers, Springboards, Trapeze table, Barrel and my personal favourite, the Chair!   Check out our calendar to see what classes are offered or get the App below.


Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates



Summer 2022

 Need to get out of the heat? Come check us out this summer to see what Pilates is all about. The studio is running full classes on Reformers & Springboards!   Haven't been before, try out a Private session to get you started.  CLICK on the top righthand corner (Login/Register) to register online.

We have hosted a couple retreats this spring, which were a huge hit!  We are adapting these one day retreats to entail the "summer vibe".   This summer we will be testing out some evening workshops that are full of pilates and fun, called Movement & Margarita's! So keep a look out for those!! 


In the Fall, we will be back to hosting our ONE day events with a much more holistic approach.  These are  ONE day retreats are full of Pilates, Breathwork, Cold exposure and laughter!  Keep a look out for the next one! Be sure to check us out on insta and FB, links at the bottom of the page.


Our  classes

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